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Taweelah - Unit III - Umm Al Nar Water Transmission Scheme Contract no.N-4277

Project value & Date:

  • The Value of contract is 761.59 Million AED
  • The Contract Date 4/11/2006
  • The End Date 6/17/2008

Project Description:

Design, Supply & Installation the summarized items as the following:
1- DN 1600 mm D.I. Pipeline from the new Power and Desalination Plant at Taweelah to the Intermediate Pumping Station at Unit III.
2- DN 1200 D.I. Pipeline of 5.2 km length to replace existing sections of pipeline between Taweelah and Unit III.
3- 4 x 10 MIG (4 x 45460 m3) concrete Reservoirs at Unit III complete with all associated works and appurtenances and interconnections with existing reservoirs.
4- 76 MIGD (345500 m3/day discharge) pump station within Unit III pumping station complex.
5- DN 1600 mm dia. D.I. Pipeline from Unit III new pump station up to Umm Al Nar junction including connection to existing 5 x DN 900 mm dia. pipelines  from Umm Al Nar pumping stations and the DN 1000 mm dia. pipeline from Unit III towards Umm Al Nar.
6- Fibre optic cable along the pipeline route for SCADA system.
7- Electro-mechanical works & Control Systems for Pump Station and Tanks.
8- Additional works for Yas island.
9- Additional works for Sas El Nakhil. 

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