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DN 1600 carbon steel (CS) Transmission from Fujairah to Al Hayer and two Tanks (Lot P1) - contract no N-4381 A

Project value & Date:

  • The Value of contract is 383.219 Million AED
  • The Contract Date 2/25/2008
  • The End Date 2/24/2010

Project Description:

Design, Supply and Installation the following:
* 11.4 km, DN 1600 carbon steel (CS) Transmission from Fujairah (FWTS) at Tap-off 9A to the  (working pressure 20 bar) with associated chambers.
*2 NOS. NDRC under Roads of 2500 mm dia.
* Dual fiber optic cables along the pipeline route. 
* Two welded steel tanks of 25 MIG (113650 m3) capacity each (90 M dia. & 20 m Hight).
* Electro-mechanical works & control systems.
* 11.4 km, DN 355 mm HDPE with associated chambers to sypply water to Al Madam Farm. 

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