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Eng. Mohamed El Gohary holds the position of Chairman and Managing Director .



 The Holding Company for Construction under the Ministry of the business sector issued a decree appointing Engineer Mohamed El Gohary, one of the top leaders of the Ministry of Petroleum, as Chairman and Managing Director of Societe Egyptienne D’entreprises  "Moukhtar Ibrahim" .

Engineer Mohamed El Gohary founded Cairo Company for Investment and Urban and Industrial Development, which launched and managed the project of leather city in Rubeiki and the transfer of tanning plants from the region of the Magra-ELeun to the city of Rubiky. He served as Vice President of Petrojet , He founded and managed the local manufacturing system in the petroleum sector. It was commissioned by the Ministry of Petroleum to set up a drilling company to share the oil sector with Chinese companies,Then the international company for the manufacture of drilling tasks IDM between the oil sector and Japanese and Chinese companies,He served as their respective chairman .

Al-Jawhari is distinguished by the good performance in all the sites he worked in, both inside and outside the petroleum sector. He accompanied a large number of leaders of the petroleum sector, worked with them and He has worked on Petrojet projects and sites for over 30 years and It has contributed to a major renaissance of Petrojet's projects. 

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