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Housing & Tourist Villages and their Utilities :

Works of main and subsidiary facilities(water - wastewater - irrigation) for the area (3) social housing to(27) thousand housing units and the plots of distinguished housing area (2600) acres, the northern extension in the Obour city

Project value & Date:

  • The Value of contract is 62.741984 Million EGP
  • The Contract Date 5/6/2018
  • The End Date 9/7/2021

Project Description:

* Wastewater Networks:
-UPVC pipelines + house connections 225 mm dia.: 700 mm  with  length 17 km 
 pressurized Pipeline
-UPVC 560 mm dia with  length 6.3 km
* Potable Water Network:
-UPVC pipelines 110:500 mm dia., with  length 18.9 km 
 irrigation network:
UPVC pipelines 110 mm dia.: 160 mm  with length. 13 km 

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