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DN 1000 C.S Water Pipeline from Muzairah Pumping Station to Jabana for Shah Gas Plant (contract no. N-11900)

Project value & Date:

  • The Value of contract is 91.339 Million AED
  • The Contract Date 5/2/2012
  • The End Date 10/20/2013

Project Description:

Engineering, Design , Supply of Materials and Equipment, construction, Installation , Testing , Commissioning & handing over and warranty for the works during maintenance period as follows:
* complete topographical, geotechnical investigation along the pipeline route and preparation of design and drawings accordingly.
*Supply, construction, testing and commissioning of DN 1000 Carbon Steel pipeline of approximately 37 km length from the Tie-in point No.1 (TP-1) at existing Muzairah pumping station up to the Tie-in point NO.7 (TP-7) near Jabana PS complete with fittings, air release valves, washouts valves, isolation valves, etc., including associated civil and earth works.
*Connection to existing DN 400 Eastern Liwa delivery pipeline of Muzairah PS at Tie-in point No. TP-1.
*Provision of valve chamber for DN 1000 future connection for proposed DN 1000 pipeline from new Muzairah PS at Tie-in point No.2 (TP-2). *Provision of DN 400 valve chambers for future connection to existing DN 400 ADDC pipeline at Tie-in point nos. 3 & 4 (TP-3 & TP-4).
*Provision of DN 500 branch and connection to the new pipeline at Tie-in point no. 5 (TP-5) to supply water to Shah Gas Plant.
*Connection to existing DN 400 ADDC waterline  at Tie-in point No.6 (TP-6). 
*Provision of DN 1000 valve chamber at Tie-in point NO.7 (TP-7) for future connection to the proposed DN 1000 pipeline from Jabana to Qusahwira .
*Supply ,installation & testing of two (2) Fibre Optic Cable (144 F) at one side of the pipeline from TP-1 to TP-7. 

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