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Housing & Tourist Villages and their Utilities :

Interior works (roads, water, sewage, irrigation) And linking them on the main network of the third and fourth quarters of the social housing area 1400 acres in New Menia City

Project value & Date:

  • The Value of contract is 162.083359 Million EGP
  • The Contract Date 6/5/2017
  • The End Date 5/31/2024

Project Description:

** Wastewater Networks:
* UPVC and polyethylene pipelines 160 mm dia.: 900 mm  with  length 89.7 km
** Potable Water Network:
* UPVC and DI pipelines 110:700 mm dia.,  with  length 56.4 km 
** irrigation network:
UPVC pipelines 75 mm dia.: 400 mm  with length. 27.6 km 
* Road Works 45 km length. (133 main and byways) 

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